Pet Food Assistance

Hand2Paw hosts regular Pet Pantry events to distribute much-needed pet food and supplies to community members and the animals they love. These pantries work to keep pets out of shelters and with their loving families. Follow Hand2Paw on social media for upcoming dates.

Pet owners may also seek pet food assistance from:


Many shelter or rescue animals don’t show their full personality until they are placed in a home. Understanding your new pal’s behavior is key for building a trusting, loving and safe relationship.


Once you have a better understanding of your pet, you may consider training to help tackle any behavioral challenges you’re experiencing at home or outside.

Hand2Paw strongly supports humane training practices that focus on positive reinforcement. We do not recommend the use of force or any training methods that may trigger your pet’s fight, flight or freeze responses.


Knowing when it’s time to say goodbye to your pet is a difficult decision. As a beloved member of your family, many pet owners struggle with the idea of choosing to end a pet’s life rather than waiting for them to pass on their own. However, euthanasia can be a compassionate way to alleviate pain and suffering.

Looking at your pet’s overall quality of life can help you decide when it’s “the right time” to consider putting your pet to sleep. Ultimately, you know your pet better than anyone else, and are the right person to decide what is in their best interest.

When to Consider Euthanasia

Affordable Euthanasia

Surrendering a Pet

Many services are available to help you find a new home for your pet without taking them to a shelter.

Hand2Paw is unable to accept pet surrenders at this time. Please use the resources listed above to help your pet find a safe and loving home.

Additional Info

Contact Citizens for a No-Kill Philadelphia’s Community Pet Help Desktop to receive friendly, knowledgeable support aimed at helping you keep your pet as part of your family. Help is available for dog and cat behavior problems, housing issues, financial troubles, and many other challenges facing pet owners.

Email or call 484-466-2913.