Hand2Paw’s mission is to provide work and life skills training to young adults in need while enhancing resilience, compassion, and connection with people, animals and the community.

Hear from our interns on how working with shelter animals changed their lives

Empowering Youth

Hand2Paw empowers young adults to take charge of their lives, learn real marketable skills, and pursue fulfilling employment through working with animals. Through our internship program, we provide paid job training to at-risk teens in Philadelphia, allowing them the opportunity to gain meaningful job skills and enter the workforce as confident and competent adults, while also providing fuller, more meaningful lives for local shelter animals.

Our Story

In 2019

Hours working with shelter animals
Youth received employment through our internship program
Animals found loving homes


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At first, just the paycheck. But later I cared about finding a home for each animal that was adopted. Hand2Paw has been more consistent than other programs. We made realistic goals and you didn’t waste our time. The program showed me that I can be committed to coming to work every day. It was a great atmosphere – there wasn’t too much stress. The internship showed me the positive results of me improving on my work skills.

Hand2Paw Intern

I view this program as different because I could feel the compassion and the genuine care for my success.

Hand2Paw Intern

I feel I have more confidence because I have maintained two jobs since being with Hand2Paw.

Hand2Paw Intern

I do believe that this program made an impact on me, a positive one, I will forever be changed because I went to this program. If you’re reading this and you work with Hand2Paw, Thank You.

Hand2Paw Intern

I thought that it helped that I was never quit on, I was always pushed to do more and that mentality that I always have to do more helped me in life.

Hand2Paw Intern

I feel my favorite thing about Hand2Paw so far is that it is a meeting space of healing & aiding the transitional periods of animals and those of humans, particularly youth. Hand2Paw provides an alternative to stressful shelters where animals & adopters aren’t moved by pity but rather compassion!

Hand2Paw Intern, 2019

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