Want to be a Hand2Paw Intern?

Our interns are fun, animal lovers at heart, and are ready to work towards long-term employment and independence.

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Want to be a Hand2Paw Intern?

Our interns are fun, animal lovers at heart, and are ready to work towards long-term employment and independence.

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Our Programs at a Glance

Unleashing Opportunities

Advance your animal care skills, coping skills, interpersonal skills, goal planning and financial literacy.

  • Ages 18–24

  • 20–30 Hours/week

  • 6 Months

  • Paid Weekly

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Fall or Spring


Learn how to care for animals and develop job skills and personal skills for future employment.

  • Ages 15–24

  • 18 Hours/week

  • 6–8 Weeks

  • $75/shift

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Spring or Summer

Skills for Work and Life in General

Hand2Paw isn’t just about training and caring for rescued animals—although that part is pretty great. Our team is also here to help you navigate everyday life.

All Hand2Paw programs include discussions about dealing with stress, conflict resolution and other barriers. We’ll help you develop positive strategies to face these challenges both in your personal life and at work.

We can also help you with:

  • Resume writing

  • Acquiring documentation for future employment

  • Enrolling in college, trade school, etc.

  • Completing FAFSA forms for school

  • Financial literacy

  • Tax returns

  • Bank accounts

  • Obtaining government benefits and social services

  • Getting your driver’s license or state ID

What Our Interns Have to Say

“I love this program. This is the only program I’ve ever been in that really talks about mindfulness and mental health.”

–H2P Alum

“I’m in this as an opportunity to work on my leadership skills and my teamwork skills—I’m not too good with teamwork because I get frustrated when my ideas aren’t being heard, so this internship is helping me with the skills I need to step into the career I want to be in.”

–H2P Alum

“What I liked the most was the safe space we created. I loved how we were able to talk openly about whatever was bothering us without judgment. We built a small, relatable community that I have never felt outside of this space.”

–H2P Alum, 2021

Hand2Paw Internship Application

Before Applying…

Below are some of the qualifications for you to consider before contacting us:

  • You’re 15–24 years old
  • You’re interested in a career with animals
  • You have a supportive adult in your life (caregiver, case manager, mentor, shelter staff, youth program staff) who is invested in your success in our program
  • You are ready to work in a classroom and animal shelter setting that includes discussions, work and life skills training, and occasional virtual components of the program (tech and internet services provided)
  • You’re available to work 25–30 hours a week (Unleashing Opportunities program), or 18 hours a week (Pawspurr program)
  • You want to build the interpersonal skills to work with others and the community
  • You are physically able to take walks and lift up to 50lbs (if you need accommodations, please let us know and we can work with you!)

Even if you do not meet the above criteria, we may still be able to work with you or connect you to resources. Please contact us.


Hand2Paw actively seeks to build and support a diverse staff; we are committed to fostering the leadership and elevating the voices of women, young people, people of color, Native people, immigrants and refugees, low-income people, LGBTQ+ people, transgender, gender non-conforming, and non-binary people, people with disabilities, and people living in the many intersections of these experiences. We strongly encourage people from these communities to apply.